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Official music video for the film Philip Pullman’s THE BUTTERFLY TATTOO featuring A Silent Film “Six Feet Of Rope And Revenge” and unseen footage from the fi…



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  • sarakaster 3 years ago

    @SomethingShining hm πŸ˜‰ you can say that, but you know, thats part of
    democracy and freedom of speech πŸ˜‰

  • Diego Acevedo 3 years ago


  • ofcaful 3 years ago

    How is called this song pls ?

  • sarakaster 3 years ago

    @SomethingShining ah, you’re a girl – well that’s an overall and sufficient
    excuse for any irrational behaviour, ok – done πŸ˜‰

  • tylzz94 3 years ago

    i like it! πŸ™‚

  • Susana Santos 3 years ago

    It’s an excelent song by an amazing band!! A Silent Film rocks!! =D

  • sarakaster 3 years ago

    @SomethingShining Cause you really deprive all those who show intrest in
    the movie and haven’t seen it yet – for what? The consent of other
    watchers? Would a simple “the ending was very sad” not have been enough for
    that matter? Maybe my first cynical reaction was to harsh but your reaction
    to that was spoiling even more in a emotional and agressive way. But what’s
    said is said…and I like your favorite “Clueso So Sehr Dabei” which I
    didn’t know til then, so everything is ok πŸ˜‰ Schwamm rΓΌber.

  • sarakaster 3 years ago

    @SomethingShining please just go watch the movie and cry a little bit,
    cause obviously that’s what u can do best…Mr. SomethingWhining

  • Melina Torres 3 years ago

    Six feet of rope and revenge!

  • paperweighted 3 years ago

    So brilliant ; ) I’m so glad this movie got produced.

  • bellafan101 3 years ago

    aww i LOVED AND WORSHIPED the book

  • tinkerbells101 3 years ago

    I love the Piano they use in their music.

  • SomethingShining 3 years ago

    @sarakaster ok i prefer something very beautiful shining:D What about you?

  • ofcaska 3 years ago

    do u know where i can download this song pls?

  • Lisa Beck 3 years ago

    Such a gorgeous song and a really brilliant film.

  • legorretacoomalong 3 years ago

    look at this right here change .. to .

  • Alexis Zambrano 3 years ago

    WTF? VVV

  • ElCid48 3 years ago

    Shit! I’m 63 years-old and I LOVE these dudes, man!

  • ivettegeldres 3 years ago

    im SOOO UPSET i tried to find this song on i tunes and i couldnt find it

  • ofcaska 3 years ago

    do u know where i can download this song pls?

  • ward5256 3 years ago

    @mm23031 Your teacher is a talented actor,what a great movie i cried
    too,now im gonna have to hand in my he-man card lol melodious song too : ]

  • Rory Miller 3 years ago

    Wait you found this song on iTunes Where??? i have been looking for it to
    come to iTunes for a while…??

  • SomethingShining 3 years ago

    @puscifer10000 hmm..What do you want from me?:D I don’t quite understand
    why you are saying that to me

  • SomethingShining 3 years ago

    @sarakaster Oh did i force you to read what i write??And the film starts
    with her dead body on his arms so please shut up

  • ksakuraba39 3 years ago

    give me a email if you still need this song, I had to go to some arabic
    website to download it. it was difficult.

  • SomethingShining 3 years ago

    @sarakaster we should discuss the video here?:D

  • Cotatoo 3 years ago

    I love the film, i love the song.

  • SomethingShining 3 years ago

    @sarakaster No one ever told me before that i’m a fat hairy guy:D

  • SomethingShining 3 years ago

    @sarakaster You can use no bad words about me and things i say:D Damn is
    the same:D