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In this episode, your host, David Lee Roth, talks about the history of tattoos in Japan. Dave also shares his own Japanese tattoo experiences. Looking for mo…



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  • diabinhoUSA 3 years ago

    Ah yes the “praying hands”. Brings back memories of when I was a kid. Cars
    still had metal dashboards. We used to go to the drive-in movies and it was
    common for them to give away trinkets with a rubber suction cup, so you
    could stick it on the dashboard. One of the more common was the “praying
    hands”, along with the plastic Jesus.

  • Casey Thompson 3 years ago

    Roth, your appreciation of the arts in Japan is fascinating to me.


    Dave i went to art school on the graduate level in new york and i teach
    advanced painters here in madrid.i also make music so i know that making
    the trasition over to another medium can be hard.i am very impressed by
    your visual work really it published?

  • Jeremy Jaramillo 3 years ago

    Dave said wait till im 18 for a tattoo..I got a van halen tattoo at 16 :p I
    think thats an exception

  • Jeremy Jaramillo 3 years ago

    So im the tropics they do draw….tattoonis a form of drawing…hahah
    inlove u dave

  • Jeremy Jaramillo 3 years ago

    So im the tropics they do draw….tattoonis a form of drawing…hahah
    inlove u dave

  • Tony Mosher 3 years ago

    Love the show Dave!!!

  • sean schofield 3 years ago

    This is legitimatley fascinating. Thank You Dave.

  • Ryan Whitman 3 years ago

    Hes reading a prompt

  • fabooshness 3 years ago

    Dave, obscurity and irrelevance called…..they wanted to say welcome back,
    see ya soon.

  • Roark Gill 3 years ago

    Dave is not normal! Dave cannot even stand on the stage in a normal
    fashion. Dave cannot even go and relax after a successful tour. He had the
    right idea, he headed over the Pacific Ocean. Others would have ended up in
    Hawaii, only that this character ends up in Japan. Talk about living life
    in the moment, absorbing everything around oneself. I’ve never found
    tattoo’s interesting. Until now. It seems Dave’s read a lot of books. It’s
    a good thing he never read, “Front Man for Dummies”.

  • MrAirborne72 3 years ago

    If you listened to what the man had to say you would realize that he is far
    from bored.

  • Grayson Cash 3 years ago

    They are about to tour Japan soon…

  • Luis Smith 3 years ago

    I really want him to too so freaking bad!!!!!!!!!!

  • 01REDEYEDDEVIL 3 years ago

    Good job DLR!

  • Dan Butko 3 years ago

    Is there anything Dave doesn’t know?

  • SoularDNA 3 years ago


  • stewartinchina 3 years ago

    Lol, look at us, storming in here after the podcast Powerful DLR…

  • jfuller247 3 years ago

    Powerful David Lee Roth. JRE.

  • r4ltman 3 years ago

    fuck you people are lame, he doesn’t need money, he’s expressing some shit
    he finds interesting, unfortunately bunch of time needs to pass for you
    chumps to realize the value, then again though, from a embryo culture that
    is basuck america, i wouldn’t expect more than this cry baby shit, wah, be
    the past Dave, your forcing me to think about the present and it makes me
    feel empty….wahhhhhhhh

  • BigBLaw 3 years ago

    Another great show

  • Kroeber38 3 years ago

    Dave Lee Roth is highly intelligent. I have always loved the Van Halen
    Albums up to 1984, all of which have him as the lead singer. I respect him
    even more now for being inquisitive, historical, and ethnographic. I look
    forward to the Van Halen show in Osaka!

  • mrsedition1 3 years ago

    Ok dave whatever you say …why didn’t you choose china as your ancient

  • destrucx 3 years ago

    Diamond Dave is still always Diamond Dave !

  • KungFuChess 3 years ago

    Only Dave can talk for 40min straight about a tattoo on his back!

  • Fatacaster 3 years ago

    that’s diamond!

  • john maddox 3 years ago

    After a bad day, i enjoy shutting out the world by watching a brand new
    episode of the roth show….thanks Dave

  • Teller3448 3 years ago

    The eyes of Dave’s dragon look like Bodhidharma…lidless and gazing up
    into the third eye. Soon Dave will be trekking alone into the mountains to
    commune with ancient Shinto Kami. Might as well go right to the source and
    godhead of the culture.

  • Tittylovwr 3 years ago

    Dave you r the coolest man ever!

  • AJDennis 3 years ago

    DLR is crazy, but damn is he knowledgeable

  • Robert Youngblood 3 years ago

    look at all the people here tonight”

  • Kirk Neis 3 years ago

    Love your show’s…POWERFUL DLR!!! Gambatte!!!!

  • Víctor Mahana 3 years ago

    Great episode, great artist!

  • joecarrniborus 3 years ago

    Red bull and pop tarts!? Hahaha!

  • mlzebra 3 years ago

    very well stated…

  • skullzy1560 3 years ago


  • Paul Kay 3 years ago

    Hey Dave, when’s the next Irish visit?

  • Zabba5 3 years ago

    This guy jams. He’s led a life many only dream about.

  • Cameron Ranslow 3 years ago

    ..I think Dave is adopting the Alex VH look….

  • bonoist 3 years ago

    Another fascinating episode. Love the back tat Dave, but please don’t go
    full body with it.

  • murmles 3 years ago

    Surprisingly lucid!

  • TheHeetmizer 3 years ago

    Wealthy knowledge, with a Healthy entourage, Reciting ink history
    translating mystery. Beltless, Felt this was awesome from the Horimono to
    the cherry blossom. Inked on, Linked in, on the brink of something to think
    of…for the next tattoo

  • RoadTweeker 3 years ago

    George Takai (Star Trek) grew up in an internment camp and has recently
    written and produced a play based on that experience.

  • madbear52 3 years ago

    Thanks for another great episode, Dave! I’d love to spend a long period of
    time in Japan, exploring and learning. Cheers!

  • Reverb Twang 3 years ago

    love you man but the song Tattoo sucks bad bro