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Me getting my Bamboo Tattoo by Bamboo King.



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  • lhell10 3 years ago

    This is such a beautiful tattoo!! wish i could look as chilled as you
    whilst getting tattood!

  • MyMatty0 3 years ago

    How much did a Tat of that size and detail cost! im going in November and
    would really like to get a bomboo Tat done Thanks!

  • Bite008 3 years ago

    ouch. Gimmi some of their rock to smoke and I might handle it.

  • 888kabe 3 years ago

    Well it is tattoed on him so it is enbedded in his skin, so what do you
    mean? sorry you confused me there. my mrs is thai shes got a big sak yant
    on her back done with bamboo. A monk near her home did it before he became
    a monk. ive gotten them from him with a gun and its neater and nicer than
    bamboo which is really a poor mans tattoo gun im thinkn? can any1 correct
    me on that?

  • mikkechick 3 years ago

    Got on this page without searching for it, I got my bamboo tatt in january
    this year. Made by Kig, his little brother in the same shop! Because bamboo
    king (don’t know his name) was in jail.. 😛 Love bamboo tatt’s (L)

  • 888kabe 3 years ago

    @MyMatty0 just saw your comment now, its now jan 2012 so what tat did u get?

  • curryman1212 3 years ago

    I know a guy that had one done and it looks like the ink is inbeded in his
    skin so it looks like it’s part of him. He said it was painful and yes i
    agree with you a tattoo gun would be easier. But it’s the first tattoo i’ve
    seen like it and it looks really good.

  • 888kabe 3 years ago

    why not just get a tatto gun instead? why bamboo??