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This is me getting my first ever tattoo not to mention my first ever traditional Samoan Tattoo. This tattoo was preform with a tusk shaved into small razor s…



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  • Genocide85 3 years ago

    I’m polynesian too. I don’t find it offensive at all. I think its a
    positive thing that people outside of our island nation are taking an
    appreciation to Pacific Island culture. Its a shame that our young
    generation is polluted with american western culture, now thats more
    offensive to me..

  • vinard junio 3 years ago

    the only part that this is traditional is the why they tattooed you, no way
    they gonna give a palagi a pe’a

  • thatdudeuknow 3 years ago

    palangi’s should not wear traditional polynesian tattoos! some of these
    people are NOT samoan or even polynesian. things of this nature require a
    tradition that is inherited by blood! it is an insult to polynesian
    traditions when these tattoos are worn by people NOT of polynesian
    heritage! what are your thoughts people???

  • Sweatbandexperience 3 years ago

    my samoan friend offered to tattoo me the traditional way…i look forward
    to getting it done but at the same time i do not want to offend anyone of
    their culture so am still 50/50 about it

  • John Tan 3 years ago

    hey was it expensive? and how u know which symbols you wanted cuz its
    suppose to tell something about you no?

  • xXsinlinerXx 3 years ago

    when i got my tattoo done in the traditional samoan style (just the design
    not with the hammer and bone) that all you needed was permission from
    someone who is samoan……i got permission from my stepfather.

  • mike mo 3 years ago

    wilson did my dads tat also. by tisa’s babrefoot bar right brah?

  • SAENT100 3 years ago

    that is not a traditional samoan tattoo

  • Tekn010933 3 years ago

    Nice the design’s and would not blame anyone for getting one, but the PE’A?
    in other word’s I don’t blame the outsider’s I BLAME the Tufuga(tattooist)
    accepting money and know that he cannot do it to just anyone except for a
    Matai(Talking Chief) or receiving a title of a Matai. So to the Samoan
    artist getting paid in money and greed, know you were not there in time
    when the Pe’a was brought over, our ancestor’s were..Dumb! assess!! they
    would never allow the PE’A to be sold like you do 2day!

  • LEVIsIDDAH 3 years ago

    I agree with frost685, my nan had a taulima on her wrist and a few stars
    etc…said it was to help with her gugu..tatau is traditional. I have a
    malu and dad always says to me “to show pride is to hide it” its not
    something you flaunt while wearing a mini to the makeki or to your mates
    place…..or to show off…there is a certain time to show it…

  • thatdudeuknow 3 years ago

    i think you should really think about your motives. some people wont care
    but there will be others who will question you having it done. does your
    samoan friend realise the importance of a traditional tattoo? not to sound
    rude or anything but is he just wanting the practice?

  • MonstaUcE 3 years ago

    some tufugas use metal edges instead of the tusk

  • Salafai 3 years ago

    @thatdudeuknow sorry but I think this is a ridiculous opinion. Culture
    evolves and in the world today our Samoan people have moved on out of Samoa
    and have spread our culture along with our tatau. Samoan culture is about
    sharing and we can’t stop others from admiring and wanting to get a Samoan
    tattoo. It is not an insult but a pleasure that others want to wear the
    traditional Samoan tattoo. Plus, if you have guts and the inspiration for
    the right reasons then get it. If not then well shhhhhh

  • BiggerStrongerBetter 3 years ago

    They don’t use animal bones anymore, its a stainless steal wedge.

  • Junas Seumae 3 years ago

    Nice, I see some huggies wipes. lol.

  • tolupene 3 years ago

    Wilson Fitiao did my tat back in 06.. really nice sole and great tufuga of
    tatau.. you’re a lucky guy too.. he only does genuine samoan designs and

  • frost685 3 years ago

    lat it be known… the tatau the pe’a is the only trraditional tattoo in
    samoa. The taulima or sleve means nothing in the Samoan culture it was not
    around hundreds of years ago… the tatau was, if you have a in samoa u are
    considerd special and a very importand part of the cultre…

  • Sweatbandexperience 3 years ago

    its actually his uncle who will be doing the tattooing, were both getting
    it done on the same day. i will ask him about the cultural importance
    before i go ahead with it…but they are some sweet lookin tats they have.
    thanks for your advice

  • Jo-Ann Li 3 years ago

    ow that must really hurt. but it looks cool as! i’m singaporean and my
    boyfriend is samoan, i’d love to visit samoa someday and perhaps get a
    tattoo 🙂

  • RastafiedNezian619 3 years ago

    that’s cool.where in samoa tho?