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taken at Pasifika Festival – Samoan village 10/03/2012.



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  • straight concentration! 

  • Brittany McNeil 3 years ago

    This is how I want mine done. 

  • Gyula Nikoletti 3 years ago

    Without pre-drawing and machine…this is amazing 

  • hoterene otara 3 years ago

    nice video

  • Turehu Patupaiarehe 3 years ago

    This is how is was and still is Originally done…Tattoo

  • Leon Merten 3 years ago

    Are you really that interested on the price for receiving a piece of
    culture? I think nobody who’s getting a tattoo like this actually cares
    about the costs.

  • dEEz Raahh 3 years ago

    Yea hes based in auckland if your wanting your pe’a or malu dne mail me
    your number and il get him to contact you not alowed to give it out tofa
    soifua 🙂

  • michael John Curry 3 years ago

    Great, I remember those days

  • thomas macdaddy 3 years ago

    uce wats the name of the tattooist and where is he based in akld?

  • Dave Smith 3 years ago

    not just NZ cherish, the entire civilised world writes it that way. :0) add
    kilos and centimeters, and msjenny’s head might explode.

  • thomas macdaddy 3 years ago

    uce wats the name of this tattooist?

  • Cherish Vagai 3 years ago

    @YouOriginal 🙂

  • Analosa Eneliko 3 years ago

    very hard

  • WASSUPUSO 3 years ago

    His names Tui Faasisiga, the Tufuga that is.

  • Anshuman Ghai 3 years ago

    Any contacts on where to get this tattoo done pls.

  • MsJenny503 3 years ago

    Taken october 2012??? really last i check were in april 2012

  • TheXXBLOODSHOTXx 3 years ago

    book a flight to samoa

  • Cherish Vagai 3 years ago

    sorry i dont , but will get back to you once i find out 🙂

  • Cherish Vagai 3 years ago

    😛 i just thought she might’ve been american, you know how they wanna be
    different from everyone and have their own measurements like yards and
    miles and pounds, so as their dates, like the famous 9/11 🙂

  • Cherish Vagai 3 years ago

    it varies for everyone, but i would say around 2-3 grand give or take,
    including taking care of the tattoist and his team

  • Grog85 3 years ago

    How much did this cost to have?

  • pimpnicky22 3 years ago

    Damn that lady is hella tough and BRAVE ! RESPECT YO !

  • Erica McDaniel-Nap 3 years ago

    How long did this take? The person getting it is extremely brave

  • dEEz Raahh 3 years ago

    The man thats in this clip is my tufunga for a pe’a is 4,500 and for malu
    is 1500 but with the pe’a he can do a deal but you have to supply
    everything for him an his workers meai givings gas money everytime etc. me
    and my partner is getting done together he is very good and so detailed
    compared to the normal especially my malu very beutiful having something so
    sacred is a honour to us an our aiga its very painful but worth every tap 🙂

  • Patrick Peterson 3 years ago

    Man i cant even draw a Samoan pattern, imagine me trynna do one the
    traditional way haha

  • Roberto Salari 3 years ago

    I love the way are done there, that tat pen is awesome as sure hard to use!

  • Cherish Vagai 3 years ago

    in NZ the order of the day is seen as day/month/year so 10/03/12 would read
    as 10th March 2012 🙂

  • dEEz Raahh 3 years ago

    Not deal as in free jus a lil discount but suply everything every sesion
    feed ne body that he brngs gve dem muney so definitly not 2-3 grand give or
    take not with this tufunga because his is longer because of his detailing
    to his tatau he does for people