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  • Johnny Gault 3 years ago

    @chris Martin nah if I had a twitter it would literally just be pics of my
    cat and make smoking naked in my slippers

  • Johnny Gault 3 years ago

    Are you gonna send me some nudes of old ladies sewing quilts? Because if
    you aren’t I don’t want it

  • Gabe Benwah 3 years ago

    Sorry about your Facebook Drama, Not a huge Fan of Haters & threats. Your
    videos are worth watching and learning from! Don’t hesitate to block mother

  • Sammy Russell 3 years ago

    Great Info !!! Thanx

  • imsolucky81 3 years ago

    This is the best 1 yet.

  • James Miner 3 years ago

    Hell yes

  • Chris Blizard 3 years ago

    A shout out to everyone that talks shit on my boy and calling him a
    scratcher and dumb shit like that……
    If this man was only a scratcher you fucking douche bags wouldnt be
    sweating this man so bad and wouldnt be worried about him explaining
    shit!!! On this mans dick like a jean zipper…..
    Kat Von D wannabes…. lol

  • David Thomas 3 years ago

    Very informative video i appreciate it!

  • RAVEN Ink 3 years ago

    another great video with good info thanks for sharing.

  • Jason Gible 3 years ago

    Well shit here is another $100 for you J ..

    you suck !

    Just kidding brother, i couldn’t resist. 

  • Thomas Hebert 3 years ago

    Really appreciate your tips they truly help thank you

  • solow03181 3 years ago

    This answered allot of questions I had. Thanks Johnny!

  • Jon Cam 3 years ago

    hey Johnny i love you vids. thanks for all your info .

  • David Wat 3 years ago

    what brand of needles do you use for all them in thr video

  • jenoure common 3 years ago

    im so grateful for this video. really learned alot and looking forward to
    hearing more.

  • killacam42051 3 years ago

    nice thanks for the info was wondering about the bugpins. thanks for the
    add on FB also (ezra davis) ive been tattooing for a year now , just
    started watching your page and think its great what your doing for ppl who
    are serious about tattooing.

  • Pepe Saucedo 3 years ago

    Ur the man 

  • co2beme2 3 years ago

    Thanks man for the info! Never stop doing what you do with the lesson’s
    you’re doing the right thing! Fuck the haters keep’em hatting! Thanks again
    for teaching! 

  • batcowwolf 3 years ago

    thanks for the good advice

  • Chris Martin 3 years ago

    Email ?

  • Charlehh Reynolds 3 years ago

    Hello Johnny, thank you so much for taking the time to make these videos to
    help us aspiring.artists. Your videos see great and informative and I learn
    a lot from them, thanks again! :)

  • melechben 3 years ago

    tnx dud,nice of u to shar ur info….

  • Deborah Elliott 3 years ago

    Awesome fuckin video! Thank you! Good information!!!

  • Gabe Benwah 3 years ago

    “The more shit you talk the more money I make” Epic!

  • David Wat 3 years ago

    what is that husky emblem on the table from ?

  • Chris Martin 3 years ago

    Do you have a twitter ?

  • Carl Marshall 3 years ago

    Thanks for the video, how would you tattoo a nice thick power lines, I use
    a seven round but just wanted to know what you use, thanks

  • toptrump9 3 years ago

    Cheers for sharing dude , if your getting hate for what your doing it just
    shows the weaker artists out there , who needs to up their game to stay on
    top , it’s an art form the whole industry has move on from just badass
    biker tats n some people just need to get up to date 

  • oscar lundberg 3 years ago

    Hi Johnny! Love your vids, good work! I was hoping that you could make a
    vid on how to make some bad ass pepper shading? Showing your input in both
    tuning and technic.

    Best regards from sweden!

  • Artulash High 3 years ago

    hi Johnny.

    Dont you know that there are two diffrent cuts of needles that are used for
    diffent viscosity of the ink?

  • iNNERKiLLS 3 years ago

    nice video I started using only RS or RM at the begging for these same
    reasons ur true to word and videos ppl here will learn alot stay inking

  • YHmusicgroup1 3 years ago

    Good shit my dude 

  • Ryan Ray 3 years ago

    Can you make a video on what the different brands of needles how good they
    are and why also with machines? It will be really helpful thanks for the
    great videos! Really helps a lot.