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Tattoos are perhaps the ultimate form of self expression. Once done, they’re basically with you for good. But does that ink doom you to life of being judged?…



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  • didyouknowthatiloveyousomuchthatimadeareallylongnamebutmaybejustmaybeiloveyoutoomuchthatidiedtheend! 3 years ago

    i cant wait to get tatted up

  • Court Otawa 3 years ago

    Wow, there’s a lot of ignorance in the comments section. Must be why I
    don’t generally bother with DNews…

  • Paul Ryder 3 years ago

    People who get tattoos believe their values, world views, situations, and
    society will not change much. Unless they die young their world will
    change beyond imagination. Unless they quit learning, they will change
    beyond imagination. Most will eventually find their own tats irrelevant
    and ridiculous.

  • Darren Luke 3 years ago

    I think if it is small and not too annoying, its fine. But getting tats
    all over and distracting is not a good idea. Certainly face tats, names of
    people, and derogatory words is bad. I don’t even have wash off tats, but
    thats just me, I am not into that.

  • jwi-jma 3 years ago

    I was thinking of getting the following tatttoed on my left arm.
    “”Thou shalt not lie with mankinde as with womankinde; it is an abomination”
    Leviticus 18:22
    “Thou shalt not cut thy skin for the dead or mark it with tatoos, I am the
    Leviticus 19:26″

  • ProPaleo 3 years ago

    People who have tattoos are extra sensitive, at least that’s what my uncle
    who’s a Brooklyn psychologist says.

  • DJtrainman261 3 years ago

    As much as this is something based on just a couple of studies, I’m pretty
    surprised that tattoos don’t change a person’s attractiveness. I’ll be
    completely honest, I find tattooed people less attractive.

  • Jordan Crago 3 years ago

    Well I have tattoo’s and I spend my time reading books both fictional and
    scientific (Wilbur Smith, Richard Dawkins), I’ve got a Diploma in
    BioMedical Science and am about to gain a Degree in Zoology (Biological
    Sciences). So do I think it makes you less intelligent? No it doesn’t. 

  • milwaukeegregg 3 years ago

    Tats are great on chicks when u can wash em off in the shower!!

  • nick ty 3 years ago

    Women look retarded with tattoos. No girl of mine would ever have a

  • Nathaniel Egera 3 years ago

    The title should be changed to “Misconceptions about tattoos” And the
    description should say, “What do stupid people think about people with

  • I’ve seriously had people questioning if I’m really an engineer because I
    have a half sleeve…

    Luckily I couldn’t care less about what people think about me. My boss is
    also an ex-marine and while he’s not inked he’s totally fine with it.

  • weiberfeind 3 years ago

    it says you are insecure and have mental illness

    “Twentieth-century psychologists and psychiatrists observed large numbers
    of tattooed people in particular segments of society (e.g., sailors,
    criminals, psychiatric patients, drug addicts). Noting the association,
    they attempted to correlate tattoos with specific psychiatric diagnoses,
    such as schizophrenia or personality disorders, or with adverse social
    circumstances, such as poverty”

    “To understand which diagnoses are commonly associated with tattoos, an
    explanation of the psychologic functions the tattoo performs for the bearer
    is important (Table 1). Grumet (1) has hypothesized and low self-esteem,
    tattoos may be a mark of impulsiveness and lack of self-control, 12 traits
    often observed in tattooed adolescents. (8)”

  • Fadi Al-Mufti 3 years ago

    I believe people should not treat their bodies as if they were scrap paper,
    especially if it is not unlikely that there would come a day when they
    would regret sporting a particular religious or political symbol or would
    mature and find out that the idea of having a tattoo was silly in first

  • lokustic 3 years ago

    permanent tattoos makes women look cheap and ugly. imagine when they get
    old and wrinkly and with all those tattoos on their face and body.

  • TheLifeOfAAngelMom 3 years ago

    Moral of the story …. If you like tattoo get them if you don’t then don’t
    get them.

    Stop insulting people for their individual choices that don’t affect your
    life in any way shape or form. It’s ok to have an opinion but don’t be

    At the end of everyone’s lives each person has to answer for the choices
    they’ve made in their lives.

  • TheOtherGuy27 3 years ago

    Tattoos aren’t inherently good or bad, it depends on the individual tattoo;
    they run a spectrum from being really nice to looking like shit. That’s
    why you should think very carefully about what you want and where and it’s
    always a good idea to check out some of the artist’s previous work so you
    know how it’s going to look.

  • Breydon Wilson 3 years ago

    why do people care.

  • anonemuss93 3 years ago

    I actually find most tattoos highly unattractive physically. But I don’t
    have a problem with people having them.

  • swagonwheels 3 years ago

    I don’t care what anyone does to themselves, but I do try to ensure those
    more out there kinds of decisions are made with the party involved being
    fully informed of any risks or possible consequences.

    It is a fact, regardless of all the care in the world, that patients
    contract infections in hospital surgeries, so it’s fair to say, the same
    risks exist in a Tattoo parlour no matter how careful the tattoo artist is.

    A friend recently made the mistake of getting a tattoo without researching
    the risks or possible consequences, afterwards, she was made aware of the
    risks; what she learned terrified her and has really impacted on her
    emotional health due to the concerns and regrets she now has.

    She had no idea that on top of her emotional regrets, there was a risk of
    HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, herpes and a plethora of all kind s of other
    infections. No one told her the inks used were never intended for use “on”
    the skin, let alone to be “injected into and under it”.

    These inks are industrial inks which no health authority anywhere on earth
    has ever approved.

    These inks contain acids, toxins, plastics and mercury, they are a time
    bomb, which, after the tattoo is applied, your bodies blood flows through,
    this eventually destroys the liver and due to the carcinogens in the inks,
    also put the wearer at long term risk to cancer.

    Although people may think, given the fact tattoos have been around since
    time in memoriam, that tattoos must be risk free; what they don’t know, is
    that in the past, natural dyes were used, but due to fading, operators now
    use completely unapproved industrial inks which do have both short term and
    very long term health risks.

    It’s no surprise the in thing in Hollywood at the moment, is the removal of
    tattoos, because the fad is over, but also, because the wearers are trying
    to remove the long term possibility of cancer.

    Unfortunately, some of the removal processes are just as risky, depending
    upon the colour of the inks used in the original tattoo.

    It must also be acknowledged, life is a long time, fads come and go, but a
    tattoo is there forever, and given the undeniable stigma surrounding
    tattoos, it’s no surprise, that on women, they are known as “tramp
    stamps” they take away the decent image of even the most beautiful girl,
    they are known to be worn by people with low self esteem, and women who are
    sexually promiscuous.

    Respect is something we all need in our lives, and our self respect, or
    lack of it, is another thing tattoos take away from us.

    Briefly and by no means the full story, tattoo’s began as an ownership mark
    on Egyptian slaves, this was adopted by the authorities for prisoners, and
    then by men who were really only trying to portray a dangerous image,
    wannabe tough guys, frauds, usually men of weak character. On women, they
    were used by pimps to mark their whores, showing they were his property,
    hence the term, “tramp stamp”.

    My advice when it comes to fads or fashion is that fads and fashions come
    and go, so it’s unwise to ever do anything that is permanent, because it
    won’t match future changes in fads or fashion.

    A necklace or an earring you can remove, the same applies to a dress or
    it’s style, so why would anyone who enjoys keeping up with fashion,
    permanently disfigure and degrade themselves, to then be stuck in that
    moment in time forever?

    Tattoo’s eventually become a permanent reminder of an act of
    thoughtlessness and youthful ignorance more than anything else, but what
    has also been proven, is that any tattoo the wearer claims is about someone
    else, is really only about themselves and how they want others to see them.

    Anyone contemplating something as permanent as a tattoo, should try wearing
    a fake tattoo for a good long period of time and they will quickly learn
    they have classified themselves as low life’s and losers whom decent people
    really do not want to associate with, who employers do not want
    representing their businesses; they should try the fake tattoo to learn how
    people begin to treat them differently, and I’m sure in time they’ll never
    regret not getting one, but if you do get one, you will most likely regret
    it for the rest of your life.

    Some say Tattoos on women are sexy. I do understand how a tattoo can
    create in the observer, the impression that the wearer is sexier with the
    tattoo, but that’s only perception, it’s to do with the attraction of the
    forbidden, the wearer is seen as sexually promiscuous, as a result, the
    male or female observer, who was seeking easy gratification, would have
    their sexual instincts ignited by the fact their target had a tattoo, so
    yes, I can understand that misguided view, but once again, in the case of a
    female, it only supports the “Tramp Stamp” view people from all walks of
    life have of tattoos on women.

    It is most obvious, a tattoo is a bad move, if people want to remember a
    loved one, they can have that persons name engraved on a nice piece of
    jewelry, avoiding any risk to their health.

    Above everything, no matter how much people try to deny it, is the negative
    way you will be forever perceived, I mean one day you may wish to be a
    “Clean Skin” to get some great opportunity, or even some respect, and there
    you’ll be, all marked up like a junkie or a criminal, but mostly as a
    mindless sheep, a person who shows poor, long term judgment, not exactly
    the image or the character quality one would need to succeed.

    I’m simply offering food for thought in order to enable people to act by
    being informed, I do not care how many tattoos people choose to have, it’s
    their life and their health, but above all, their happiness they must
    consider for the long term.

    There are huge risks with both tattoo application, and with their removal,
    with the best advice being, do not get them until the health authorities
    approve every aspect of them, especially the industrial inks currently
    being used by all tattoo artists.

    Never penetrate the skin unnecessarily, because to do so is to undergo a
    surgical process and the risk of infection in this day and age, is huge,
    especially when super bugs are considered.

    Only fools inject drugs, so it’s fair to say, similar risks exist with any
    kind of injection, and in the case of a tattoo, thousands upon thousands of
    deep skin injections are involved but instead of injecting an anti biotic,
    they involve unapproved toxic industrial inks.

    I’m happy to have done my best to inform. Good luck with whatever way you
    decide to go..

  • MV1197 3 years ago

    i just though a tattoo was a way of someone expressing themselves or
    a form of expression on their skin i guess 

  • oldfartatplay1320 3 years ago

    I didn’t get a tattoo til I was retired. Since my tattoo is a pentacle, it
    comes in quite handy for warding off proselytisers, and winkling out other

  • Wish Bone 3 years ago

    I have two full sleves & knuckle tattoos.
    I am generous & kind to all but offen get labeled as a villain.
    Being rich allows me to draw on my body, while butt pupets must listen to
    the boxx.

  • punkybrewstar83 3 years ago

    My tattoos are to do with my religious journey as a Buddhist and are
    spiritually earned and very personal. The only one that is really visible
    is the one on my back and I can cover this up. However, my grandfather saw
    this on an occasion recently when I went to visit him and did not approve.
    He has lived a very judgmental life(despite an abundance of flaws) and has
    displayed arrogance and hubris throughout. I had no relationship with him
    growing up as a result of this, and I am the proactive one in this
    arrangement now, having forgiven him endlessly and hugely. Frankly, I feel
    pretty okay about letting go of what is largely a burden- for now at least.
    Considering the importance of my body art to me personally, it felt like a
    message that I was allowed to let go.

  • Downunda Thunda 3 years ago

    I don’t have any tattoos, but I do want one.. I just haven’t gotten around
    to it yet. I personally don’t think that Tattoos really say anything about
    a person’s character. It’s a personal thing that people choose to have