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The reasons why we decide to get INKED. Watch ‘Ink Master’ Tuesday Nights at 10/9c on SPIKE Check out SpikeTV on YouTub…



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  • UrbanHunterz 3 years ago

    Some people love it for pain. Like cutting. No joke.

  • jhene love 3 years ago

    This was actually a very good made video

  • Tahlia Whitten 3 years ago

    Very profound :)

  • TheAdventuresOfCave 3 years ago

    I need to show this video to every person I know for not understanding my
    love of tattoos xD

  • Rebecca Leah 3 years ago

    Tobias Eaton.

  • Adamas97 3 years ago

    The title doesn’t match the video.
    The very first line in the video is “We get tattoos to…” It says nothing
    about why we love them.

  • Marisa Seitz 3 years ago

    I’m too scared to get a tattoo, because I’m scared they might mess it up.
    And I don’t want to have a permanent mistake on my skin forever.

  • Paradox Zuma 3 years ago

    I’m going to go get a tattoo tonight, no joke. Just because of this.

  • TheYafaShow 3 years ago

    Do Chinese people get words tattooed on them in English?

  • Jeraud Calimlim 3 years ago

    I would only get a tattoo with very strong meaning behind it. Too many
    people now a days get these bullshit tats for show

  • sweetypiepenny 3 years ago

    OMG I love that song! Its a nice mix of it also :)

  • Joe Blow 3 years ago

    Primitive ink poisoning, which is nothing more than a throwback to

  • Peter Cruz 3 years ago

    Most tattoos are bullshit tbh

  • silents429 3 years ago

    I don’t like tattoos..

    Look unattractive to me.

  • GAME4WAR 3 years ago

    Sorry tattoos are for low class trash. Any woman that destroys her body
    getting one is an idiot. Your body is God’s gift to you, any modification
    of it is like spitting at God’s creation. Therefore only atheist,mindless
    sheeple and homosexuals should get tattoos

  • ammarovenas 3 years ago

    no , thank you

  • TheTimeWulf 3 years ago

    If I had to choose what I wanted tattooed on me, I would definitely hold up
    my old planner from fifth grade with a simple dragon illustration on it.
    I’ve always loved dragons, so it would make sense.

  • Dogurasu 3 years ago

    Why was this a Buzzfeed video? It was just a commercial.
    And according to this commercial tattoos are for people with a very bad
    memory and emotional scarring.
    You don’t need tattoos.. You need therapy. lol
    Don’t screw up your nice skin with tattoos.

  • Edgar Andres Garcia Hernandez 3 years ago

    Tattoos are cool, this commercial don’t.

  • GrahamPhelan 3 years ago

    Do you know what I’m sick of? I’m sick of people with tattoos automatically
    judging us who just dislike how they physically look. Just because we
    dislike how tattoos look doesn’t mean we dislike you or the tattoo or can’t
    understand why it’s meaningful to you, it just means we find it physically

  • Hunteray09 3 years ago

    I don’t like tatoos. Think of how ugly they will be when you are old and
    saggy. And what if you regret them?

  • Devin Hunt 3 years ago

    this is just a fckin commercial!

  • Mandy Lou 3 years ago

    Hypothesis: None of the people complaining about Buzzfeed selling out have
    ever managed a business.

  • Temerity Rebel 3 years ago

    I forgot what I was watching and thought I was sitting through an ad lol

  • Enchanting Dream 3 years ago

    I always wanted a tattoo but my mom says it’s a ridiculous thing to do,to
    ruin your body like that,but I think they are a way of showing what
    something really means to you or something you love,and I don’t care what
    she says.I will get one anyways when I can.

  • grace siliacay 3 years ago

    Why We Love Tattoos:

  • Jenny Huynh 3 years ago

    I want a small tattoo on my hip when I’m older

  • The Dawg 3 years ago


  • The cool Boss 3 years ago

    well….. it doesnt help when the vid says its gonna stay there for the
    rest of your life or how the tattoos might ruin your skin but i might get a
    little tattoo of a music symbol cus i love music when im older.

  • 4EverLacedup 3 years ago

    Love my tattoos

  • shotofsambuca 3 years ago

    It’s a fucking advert 

  • Owen Matt 3 years ago
  • Meep Moop 3 years ago

    Most of em are degeneracy.

  • Emily Palimino 3 years ago

    I’ve been wantin a tattoo, and everyone things I’m weird for it, because
    I’m 13, but I don’t want a head to toe thing, just a small reminder of

  • Jeff Atkins 3 years ago

    I made that choice almost 10 years ago and i’m happy with it :)

  • Tori Talley 3 years ago

    Yes. Just yes.

  • purple sparkles 3 years ago

    If I ever got a tattoo it would probably say something like ” Imagine
    there’s no heaven” or “living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding
    all you see” or something like that.

  • Dbl .Zwoosh 3 years ago

    @-@ so inspirational