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many things I like from japan are those tattoos the yakuza got.



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  • printsessa katia 3 years ago

    I have been in Japan most of the last two years. I love it! I find there is
    no energy like it. Some places people are just born to be. This is the case
    for me and Japan.

  • Ellis Jones 3 years ago

    I’m so traditionally Japanese that just usage of the word Yakuza isn’t
    acceptable by what I have been taught.

  • shootingmen 3 years ago

    @japantoine do you know her full name?

  • hirntoot 3 years ago

    @ulverup he didnt say nothing about cool he just said its the best
    organized crime ring and thats all read first then write

  • Gilldabeast 3 years ago

    @punkrock031 Japanese Mafia

  • acerb45666555 3 years ago

    More tattoo’s! Watch>>”Saddle Sore – Texas Hippie Coalition”<< he sing's like a demon! it's fucking amazing!

  • mas111 3 years ago

    why cant they eat cats, dogs, whales, dolphins and horses? because they are
    “cute” animals and pigs and cows are not?

  • dwight spaulding 3 years ago

    The music is from an online computer game called EVE Online.

  • อนันต์ เวฬุวนาธร 3 years ago


  • shootingmen 3 years ago

    both actually

  • Monsieurturmoil 3 years ago

    They use bamboo splines not needles.

  • Danilo Ferrari 3 years ago

    da hr as tatto

  • clanBcO 3 years ago

    @bly901 as in fingers u mean pinky….they cut it off when they either want
    to quit or just fuck up, like you said lol…….my uncle, and great uncle
    were in the yakuza and have the full body tattoos…..and no pinkies……

  • bitchgotOWNED 3 years ago

    2:38 photoshopped

  • Rinaoyaji 3 years ago

    1つ、覚えておいて頂きたい事があるが… 今、和彫イコール極道ではありません 和彫を見ただけで、極道と勘違いしないで下さいね(^^)

  • nikonikowill 3 years ago

    @nayodiop EVE online – Below The Asteroids

  • ohwell fish 3 years ago

    from 2:36 to 2:44 i got a boner

  • ulverup 3 years ago

    @Gutyzinhoxx yeah , human traficking arnd child pornography are cool dude
    !! retard..

  • 22noranora 3 years ago

    if someone want to join the yakuza for EXAMPLE, does the person need to get
    full or 2/3 body tattoued ?

  • pkphat 3 years ago

    Song name ?

  • armani878 3 years ago

    what is name this song??:(

  • DemonicTheaters 3 years ago

    Everyone says that’s discusting…it’s not. Yakuza tattoos (especially
    females, lol, jk) are beautiful and powerful.

  • hirntoot 3 years ago

    @iPhronz i dont think so you would have to know waht youre doing otherwise
    you lose a finger everyday

  • mykovn 3 years ago

    Back to the communities and even aid the tsunamis survivors

  • Sapporo Magokoro 3 years ago

    893 tojo

  • TheNorthernSun 3 years ago

    Below the asteroid

  • nayodiop 3 years ago

    Fantastic, what a sacrifice !!! It looks like another skin, a living skin.
    Unless it can be removed once droawn, I wont be courageous enough to get my
    skin tatooed. I am coward but I am amazed and seduced.