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  • Chris Stanborough 3 years ago

    i miss my friends in japan, authentic irezumi is beautifull…..

  • Cowley Robin 3 years ago

    gay gang.

  • kamel wüste 3 years ago

    2:04 just perfect, WOW. This black background is so great. Man if I could
    start new, my body will look like this.

  • porkchopsnz 3 years ago

    @JamilELBarbir …russian mafia does not beat all!!! look at the russian
    mafia video’s here on youtube,,they are SHIT!!! YAKUZA tattoo are the most
    detailed and perfect and they have a bit more honour than dirty russians!

  • Maximilian Jensen-Langdon 3 years ago

    Amazing just amazing

  • tumamao1 3 years ago


  • ernesto alvarado 3 years ago

    @tomebaden yakuza life

  • OldSchoolLad 3 years ago

    wow second pic, perfect body perfect tattoos!!

  • gianpaolo giorgetti 3 years ago

    @giorgetti11 why do you have to insult filipinos?sad bastard

  • vonversace 3 years ago

    some beautiful art

  • lorenzo scarletta 3 years ago

    @Sn1k3rS False yakuza was ‘small’ but after w02 they got strong.

  • Chris Stanborough 3 years ago

    these irezumi are beautiful and painfull, i love my irezumi colours never
    fade, memory never fade, painfull but beautiful….

  • skankthis 3 years ago

    2:36 Doraemon? MUAHAHAHA !

  • aRchaNgeL sAiNt 3 years ago


  • MissLudaa 3 years ago

    Ok, I’ll admit that the Japanese tattoos are much more intricate than the
    Russian ones, BUT the Russian ones have more meaning… So you calm down
    porkchop whatever.

  • kathleen023 3 years ago

    yakuza is a big japanese mafia probly bigger than italian mafia

  • iml337rofl 3 years ago

    lmfao as if hes asian and his package is that size…

  • porkchopsnz 3 years ago

    @JamilELBarbir …oh im russian look at me i have some gay stars on my
    knees or shoulders…sorry mate but russian tattoo’s are super gay and very
    poor quality

  • zach stevens 3 years ago

    these are amazing tattoos!

  • gianpaolo giorgetti 3 years ago

    @PrimeroSocialismo its filipino not cant even spell right.

  • yakuzayatsu 3 years ago


  • reckless95xoxo 3 years ago

    Yeah…i think japans tattoo more beautiful then Russian but i like russian
    too cause there have Engels ))) What Russian tattoo have mean?!

  • gigi529 3 years ago

    Name of the music, Please!

  • Lovisa Lo 3 years ago

    1:16 Isn’t that a thai tattoo ?

  • aRchaNgeL sAiNt 3 years ago

    @PrimeroSocialismo yeah go fuck yourself…little dick =)

  • it looks like they’re wearing a ed hardy cardigan

  • japon7171 3 years ago

    Wow… How did you get these pics?? It looks quite rare.

  • Vali Claudiu 3 years ago

    @hondalover301 outside ..on the street?! lol

  • Sebastian Castilho 3 years ago


  • John KereteTukangKayu 3 years ago

    they love to be buttnaked!

  • hondalover301 3 years ago

    Yakuza wear thongs???

  • eGORKAuk 3 years ago

    @japon7171 Yeah, even tho Yakuza is the older mafia, but damn.. there’s not
    a lot info about them on the internet.

  • Shin Akuma 3 years ago

    @kathleen023 russian mafia beats all

  • samurairudy 3 years ago

    00:15 is the body tat style i want and it all starts with the half sleeve
    koi on my arm…

  • mrtundra45 3 years ago

    G O D Z I L L A A A A A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wex313 3 years ago

    it makes them feel like a real woman, dont judge them

  • Flipodahippo 3 years ago

    Not a gang but an organized crime syndicate just like the Italian Mafia.

  • ernesto alvarado 3 years ago

    Responder a este vídeo… fight tiger and dragon

  • Shin Akuma 3 years ago

    @porkchopsnz im not talking about nice tatoos im talking about
    danger,russians are war machines bro no offense actually take it as a
    compliment theyre geneticly strong

  • aRchaNgeL sAiNt 3 years ago

    @PrimeroSocialismo yeah just like you, faggot 🙂